2013 All-State Etude Master Class: Harvey Pittel, guest artist

Our 2013 All-State Etude Master Class featuring Professor Harvey Pittel of the UT-Austin Butler School of Music was a tremendous success! Students were enthralled as Mr. Pittel described his personal approach to the Ferling Etudes chosen for the All-State audition process. Mr. Pittel broadened the scope of the students by showing them that each etude had a root in a different style of music and that they should try to emulate the musicians of that style while maintaining impeccable saxophone fundamentals.

And huge congratulations go to our top-notch master class performers: Jonathan Charpentier of Vista Ridge High School, Joyce Chen of Westwood High School, and David Schreck of Pflugerville High School. They performed brilliantly!

Special thanks also go out to our amazing sponsors: the Westwood High School Warrior Band and its director, Jack Green, Eastman Music Company, and Hillje Music Centers. Eastman and Hillje brought many models of Eastman saxophones, which Mr. Pittel uses and endorses, for students to try.




Photos © Liz Love

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